P-Square Set To Have Their White Wedding Together In Dubai

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Peter Okoye one of the twin of Psquare and Lola had their traditional wedding the last quarter of 2013 in what many have tagged one of the biggest entertainment event of 2013.

It didn’t end there, many even said his family never supported the marriage, but they don’t care, they only care about what they think is best for them self, it can also be recalled that Paul Okoye his twin brother has slightly disclosed they will have their white wedding together but he never stated any time or date, here is the real gist,

Peter and Paul Okoye are getting set to storm Dubai for a double wedding in three months’ time, April. Though the twin brothers are yet to pick a particular date in the month of April, they are quietly working on where, when and how.

“If all things work out as planned the two brothers would walk down the aisle together with their heartthrobs (Lola & Anita) come April of 2014 and we can confirm to you that except for some extraordinary last minute change of heart, the venue for the planned superlative wedding is most definitely Dubai.”

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  1. Aleksey

    October 12, 2015 at 8:26 am

    This is my first time of commenting on this blog.First of all, Linda Ikeji slduhon’t be crucified for doing what all of you her readers want…which is to get some major gist for you…so why crucify her? Abeg let her down the cross …someone wants the woods for fire joor.Next, What’s with all these ANTI-IGBO comments i am seeing here? Are you all now insiders in the family as to know the reason why the Okoye family is “allegedly” against Lola and Peter’s union?Some of you that are commenting that Lola is older than Peter..Please how is that you headache? Do you now know better than Peter who he is supposed to go for and fall in love with? Next Sunday una go carry bibe go church but there’s so much wickedness in your hearts. Even if it true then PETER OKOYE has shown the rare quality missing in a lot of Nigerian men of which is standing on your grounds and on your own convictions. Peter, Nwoke ka ibu!Nwa ada Linda biko postu kene this my one pence comment jare.

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